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Converting waste into a new market

Every day millions of people move in unison, perfect strangers bump into each other and reach the same places.

Every day different means of transport run along the same roads full of cars and heavy vehicles, the use of which has a significant impact on air pollution.

In the current globalized economy, instant access to all types of goods, assisted by the possibility of reducing waiting times and search times to a minimum thanks to remote purchases, accelerates consumption times and related waste at an increasing pace.

The waste in question does not only concern the disposable riches system but also directly involves the methods and timing of their delivery.

In fact, about 24% of means of transport travel empty, or almost empty, and the non-use of that empty space corresponds to a waste of non-renewable energy resources and a massive portion of pollution from exhaust gases.

Thanks to the intuition of a group of Italian professionals, the waste system today becomes a new market through the SiWeGO  app.

SiWeGO’s journey

SiWeGO is an Italian startup that has only been on the market since last February and already offers a rich variety of services capable of renewing freight transport logistics.

Marcello Favalli, Co-founder and CEO of Siwego, says he had the idea of ​​creating a network of cooperation accessible to all for the collection and delivery of goods due to his professional experience.

Already sales manager for several multinationals, Favalli says he has often also dealt with logistics problems, personally delivering the goods to individual customers.

Personal commitment in visiting tours has turned on a light bulb: adhering to the principles of the sharing economy, he has decided to extend the sharing of means of transport to the goods distribution level.

SiWeGO, in fact, allows people interested in sending and delivering parcels to get in touch thanks to matches.

Thanks to the coincidence between the collection and delivery routes and the routes already drawn up by those who will have to carry out the transport, the goods are collected and brought to their destination marking deviations of the route, all with a radical reduction in the waste of resources and delivery costs.

The basis of the Trentino start-up is the reuse of several commercial formulas that have already been on the market for some time, in particular car sharing and freight exchanges.

What the SiWeGO team did was reuse existing technology and tax principles with new goals.

The purpose of the application, whose slogan smart eco transport immediately conveys the soul of the project, is to propose an ethical use of means of transport by creating the possibility, through sharing them, of using their entire capacity.

Smart technology allows you to view the routes of transporters in real-time and, as happens with Blablacar, reserve a seat in a car or truck, or other means of transport, for your goods.

In practical terms, therefore, there is not only a sharing of the vehicle but also of one’s time which is adequately paid.

SiWeGO fits into the empty segments of individual travel, whether it’s for professionals or citizens: regardless of whether we are on a business trip or pleasure, or in the daily journey home, SiWeGO fits into that free segment, because along each route there may be a parcel to be collected and delivered.

Thus, even the daily walk can become an opportunity for low-impact income.

Reductions in CO2 emissions are guaranteed since using already prescribed travel routes to deliver more goods means putting fewer means of transport on the roads.

But in terms of waste reductions, the real innovation is the involvement of individual citizens.

With the SiWeGO Easy option, every citizen can send and deliver a package, and therefore efficiently use the time spent travelling, providing a service to others.

Economy on the move

The involvement of non-professionals in the distribution of goods is a significant step forward compared to the already existing freight exchange because it guarantees the use of more vehicles, and of the space usually less used in cars, and consequently the existence of a strong system of communication and displacement that guarantees an economy in constant motion.

The idea of ​​the we-economy also resonates in the name of the company, which does not follow a pyramid structure: the exhortative tone of the name, borrowed from the American yes we can, carries in its initial Yes all the strong Italian identity and pushes us to embark on this journey together.

Like eco-sustainable travel, with SiWeGO every object we use will be able to travel with the least possible impact on our environmental heritage.

We are part of this collaboration, exchange and circularity of interests, active organs of the We economy, for a more conscious use of the goods we have available.

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