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Learn about the latest in sustainability and technology.

Introduction to our EcoMagazine

EcoMagazine covers the latest in sustainability and technology: each month a new theme, each week a new article to talk about the world of eco-sustainability through circular economy, cooking, clean energy, technology, design, art, and more.

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Goals of Atmosphera lab

When we talk about eco-sustainability, we immediately think of the damage that human beings have done to the planet. As undeniable as our responsibility is, it is also important to emphasize what proactive things are being done to protect the environment and in the social sphere.

Atmosphera lab aims to research and point out the positive interventions that work every day in every sphere to propose a new ecological perspective. It is surprising to observe how many contributors seek sustainability and protection of the planet.

How our EcoMagazine works

To give voice to these initiatives, our EcoMagazine chooses an overarching theme each month, which is showcased in an article belonging to a wide variety of fields each week. Every three months we will ask a guest to elaborate on the topics covered in the previous period and publish their interview.

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