Atmosphera lab gathers and reports news on sustainability

Green investment is the key to a better life and a better world

In this platform you will find information, news, events about the main innovations in the sustainable field: from new materials to products, from infrastructures to sustainable mobility and much more.

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We will talk about circular economy, green economy, upcycle and sharing economy through articles written by our editorial staff, at first, and later also video interviews.

Is it possible to find alternative ways to reduce waste through recycling and creative reuse? What are the new paths and new ideas? How can technology be used to help the world be more ethical and sustainable? We will try to answer these and many other questions.

The economy of the future is a circular economy: there are no more waste, but only new ways to reuse materials. It is precisely on the thrust of innovation and transparency, through startups that give new meaning and new life to products once considered as waste and that create innovative products with low environmental impact and recyclable, it is possible to look to the future with hope.

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We strive for decision-making based on an informed and transparent debate


We say no to exploitation and yes to an eco-friendly circular economy


We weight the importance of an ethical approach in every aspect of production and business dynamics


We study and care for the connections within any community and the way they reflect on its surroundings

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