About Us

Together towards sustainable growth

Atmosphera lab – For The Planet

Atmoshpera lab operates on the principles of eco-sustainability, honesty, transparency and responsibility.

The aim is to increase awareness concerning the environmental impact of our daily activities, and lead the community towards a 100% eco-friendly lifestyle.

Atmosphera presents its mission


Atmosphera lab designed three different eco-friendly business units – fashion, tourism and agriculture.

We began by devising a production process inspired by circular fashion: our efforts resulted in an innovative production method that will hopefully slow down the disastrous impact of fast fashion.

Atmosphera presents its vision


Being aware of the world we live in, we strive to educate ourselves and sensitize the audience on the importance of environmental preservation.

Atmosphera lab was designed as a sustainable and beneficial business project that aims at doing its part to make this world a better place.

Atmosphera presents its goal


Atmosphera lab aims at making the audience part of the change towards sustainable growth, as well as offering a compelling business alternative.

Thanks to the collaboration with universities and organizations that fight to protect the environment, our project will be publishing relevant content on eco-sustainability and eco-friendly topics.

Atmosphera presents its partner


Thanks to our partnership, we will be donating part of the proceeds to solid projects that operate for the protection of the environment.