Treedom: united we stand, for a forest to build

The web platform for planting trees remotely

The project for a greener planet

While the “lungs of the planet”, the Amazon rainforest, are still reckoning their losses, due to the devastating fires in 2019 and the inexorable deforestation which has been running for decades, a contrasting project is taking place, collecting several goals in many countries around the world. 

We’re talking about Treedom, the Italian web platform founded in 2010; environmental protection, protection of biodiversity, climate change contrast and fight against the greenhouse effect are the principles set out by this initiative. 

Through the website you can choose, between several species depending on the planting area, to adopt a real tree remotely. From Nepal to Kenya, to Madagascar to Cameroon, the adopted tree will be geolocalized and continuously updated even with photos, this will permit to follow its growth and development, through its own online page. 

It is not just the story of a tree; what will be shown goes beyond the social project that the tree will take part of, and the story of its entire community then.

A social commitment

While the focus regards environmental protection, Treedom’s purpose is to involve the local communities, to take part and benefit from this project, too. 

Local farmers are going to receive the trees and take care of them: in this way, they can diversify their sustenance sources, raise their income selling their products (except for timber trade, which is forbidden!), and maybe to launch micro-entrepreneurship initiatives. 

The main process follows a fixed protocol, divided into several steps, and it’s monitored to verify if effective benefits occur, both environmentally and socially. 

The local population gets involved since the first activities: the choice of plants, which is carefully evaluated not to compromise the balance of the ecosystem; training for the farmers to manage the crops appropriately; the plants census and their insertion in the Tree Registry. 

This project is a true occasion of development and enrichment not only for the environment, but also for less fortunate social realities.

Joining the community

So far, trees which have been planted are around 2 million, in 17 countries around the world. The platform is getting to the attention of several companies; many famous brands have taken part in the project, in order to respond to the new sensibility of their consumers, adopting new sustainable values.

Everybody can join Treedom and do their own part: could be an original present or a concrete response to counterbalance their CO2 emissions. 

Regarding this, in the website we find an intuitive CO2 calculator, in order to count broadly our emissions by selecting the specific boxes: what we eat, what kind of transportation we use, are all factors influencing the tab; every tree, in turn, stands for a capacity of absorbing CO2. 

This constitutes a valid tool to gain awareness of our daily impact and help us to choose differently and better.

There are many other gestures to adopt in our everyday life, from the easiest like turning off the tap while brushing our teeth, to others more challenging. Our help for the planet stands in every little step and every little change counts. 

Few days after the 2021 Earth day, never like now it’s important to raise awareness on climate protection, invite people to join and participate with concrete acts. Our planet is our home, and it deserves all the attention, so that it can be still for a long time to come.

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