10 Useful Tips to Support the Circular Economy

How to make conscious purchases

Change starts with small daily actions, and making conscious purchases means encouraging a new eco economy. Circular Economy is about establishing a production process with a low environmental impact, following two simple steps: reusing raw materials and minimizing waste.

This new concept of production and consumption is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Upstream reduction: all types of waste are avoided, including packaging and excess plastic
  • Reuse: damaged objects and raw material are repaired and used again
  • Recycling: a thorough waste separate collection is implemented

Here are 10 practical tips to support the circular economy and make informed purchases:

  1. Use your water bottle: avoiding plastic bottles in favor of refillable ones is a simple but effective gesture to help the planet
  2. Go shopping with your own totes: avoid using a thousand plastic bags
  3. Buy in bulk: reduce your carbon footprint and save
  4. Avoid disposable products
  5. Reduce food waste: only buy what you are sure to consume and stop wasting food
  6. Choose fruit and vegetables well: avoid out-of-season products: choose organic and local products, and consider buying from a local farmer
  7. Remember, second-hand is beautiful: fight Fast Fashion by looking for fashionable items in vintage and second-hand shops
  8. Do not throw away, repair: give objects a second life, repairing or recycling them in a creative way
  9. Save energy and water: use LED lamps and turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  10. Learn how to dispose of waste: get informed about waste collection and properly separate your garbage

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