New production and reuse

What is fashion?

Fashion is a social phenomenon. Depending on the type of clothing and accessories that are used, groups form with a defined and recognizable dominant taste. Factors that influence the change of fashions are, for example, historical era, geographical location, culture of belonging, and aesthetic models referred to.

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Ecological trends

The production of clothes and accessories necessarily goes through an industrial-type process. For this reason, in recent decades both customers and major brands have directed their preferences toward more sustainable material choices-for example, reducing the use of fur or using fabrics with a low impact on the environment-and less polluting production techniques. In this sense, the need for society as a whole has influenced and been influenced by runway shows.

Don’t throw away

Another of the trends following the sustainability wave is giving new life to already used clothes. The alternatives are many: from vintage clothing stores to those where you can buy second-hand clothing; from altering existing clothes to making fabric and textiles from garments. These strategies help avoid the production of new clothes, thereby also reducing the impact on the environment.


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