Four good reasons to use the bicycle

how to make your life easier by helping the planet

Can we excuse a sheeplike behavior and jump on a trend if it’s beneficial to our health? We feel absolutely positive about it. Biking is one of those more than acceptable trending habits. Choosing to cycle is not only beneficial to our health, but also the economy, society and the environment. 

If you are still struggling to find the right motivation, here are 4 reasons why you should start pedaling instead of spending hours stuck in traffic. Using the bicycle does not only mean saving on fuel and reducing pollution, but it also means regaining intimacy with the local people and the hidden corners of your city!

Why should you use a bicycle in the city?

Whether it’s a city bike, a racing bike, or a mountain bike, cycling around town has many benefits. It is a convenient, fast and green means of transport, able to solve several problems typical of big cities, like the lack of parking or the terrible traffic. On top of that, it’s a great way to exercise without spending money for the gym (and possibly using one of those stationary bikes – the irony!).If you’re still playing hard to get, here are 4 great reasons to use the bicycle in the city:

  1. It’s good for your health

Contractures, obesity, cramps, varicose veins and headaches are just some of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. The time spent sitting at a desk has increased so much that the effects on our health are today evident and serious. Working long hours takes away that free time and energy that you might otherwise devote to playing sports.

Going to work by bicycle is a great way to avoid health problems resulting from a sedentary lifestyle, since your trips will naturally turn into workout sessions. Day after day, you’ll feel increasingly better, improve your physical shape and why not, lengthen the itinerary, proving yourself that your body has a whole new-found resilience.

  1. It helps you reduce environmental pollution

The amount of smog produced by thousands of vehicles on the streets every day is one of the biggest causes of pollution in cities. If a consistent percentage of the population decided to use the bicycle to get around, pollution would be considerably reduced.

In Amsterdam, one of the most bike-friendly cities, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere have dropped by as much as 25%. The positive consequences of this drop in emissions translate into fewer deaths and fewer problems related to respiratory infections, such as asthma or allergies.

  1. It helps you save time

Using the bicycle in the city means being able to get anywhere, without depending on traffic and getting stuck in never-ending queues. Finding a place to park your bike is simple; besides, you won’t waste any extra time waiting for the metro or at the bus stop, and you’ll be 100% independent.

This way your stress levels will drop dramatically. Of course, always remember to wear a helmet and respect the road signs. Whenever possible, try to stay on specific bike lanes and pay attention to pedestrians.

  1. It saves you money

Using the car to go to work costs on average 2000 euros per year. And let’s not forget about parking costs, repair works, tolls and unfortunate fines. Furthermore, the price of the subway, bus or train can be quite high, depending on the city where you live.

Your wallet will be extremely thankful for your green choice. With all of your savings, you can treat yourself to a dream vacation every year, renew your wardrobe, pay part of the mortgage, fix your house or simply save them for future plans.

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