From Antarctica to Florida: the roar of the climate crisis

Different contexts, territories, phenomena but a single problem

The sinkhole symbol of the crisis

The depiction of the large sinkhole that was formed following the disappearance of a large lake in Antarctica has gone around the world: this event further marks the picture of enormous climate alarm that involves our planet and all its living beings. The umpteenth consequence of the catastrophic emergency that we have to face.

A lake of the Antarctic ice sheet has disappeared after the fracture of the ice surface that covered it: it takes place on the Amery ice shelf, in Antarctica, the images are clear and come from NASA’s Landsat 8 and ICESat-2 satellites.

According to experts, the disappearance of the aforementioned lake was caused by a hydro-fracture: “the pressure exerted by the increasing mass coming from the melting glaciers led to the breaking of the ice surface on the lake which, breaking, freed the underlying water causing it to disperse into the ocean.

Rarity is increasingly

Such an event is considered rare, by some even fascinating, but it is deeply alarming because a massive presence of these phenomena would lead to an acceleration of sea-level rise and above all because it makes us realize the necessary attention greater than the problem. The climate must arouse in each of us.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon to be bombarded day by day with news regarding the most diverse atmospheric phenomena of the great impact that are happening in every part of the world, arousing surprise and an ever-stronger alarm and to be listened to carefully, towards which to act suddenly.

Towards the United States: from fires to storms

Just a few days ago, the mediatic city always in the spotlight, the so-called big apple, New York, jumped on the headlines of the most impressive newspapers due to the strong storms that now follow one another too often, and too strongly, in contrast with the fires and the severe drought affecting the United States from the Northwest to Florida.

The cry for the balance of our ecosystem is ever more heartfelt and huge, which through these events signals an important urgency for change, development and a different approach on the part of everyone towards the great eco-climatic crisis that is engulfing our precious earth.

When the climate crisis is also humanitarian

Obviously, the recent events in the United States are only the visiting card, which we have had the displeasure of receiving several times, of the monster that is pressing faster and faster in the disintegration of the earth, a monster that was created by ourselves men and more and more brings populations all over the world to their knees.

The climate crisis turns into a humanitarian crisis especially when these tragic climatic events strike, merciless, in places inhabited by poor populations or with reduced means, who can see, from one extreme to the other, their fragile homes set on fire, for the sake of excessive drought, or floods, for diametrically opposed causes.

These events are increasingly tending to collapse, aimed at eliminating the typical nuance of our ecosystem. They are events that result from a chain of conscious and harmful choices. A chain that is necessary and urgent now more than ever to break, to avoid not only climatic but also social and cultural crises. And we can take small steps, each of us, to be more friends with the environment that is part of us every day.

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