The effects of the climate crisis on the community

What is meant by the Anthropocene?

The impact that human beings are having on the Earth is now undeniable. The continuous exploitation of resources and the exponential increase in world population are changing the composition of the land, reducing biodiversity, increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and polluting the entire planet.

We are living in the age of the Anthropocene, named by Nobel laureate in chemistry Paul Crutzen to indicate the irreversible structural changes that humans are making to the Earth.

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Society reacts

Youth movements, new policies for sustainability, certification for sustainability monitoring, attention to material use, development of technological innovations for the environment-these are just some of the examples that attest to how society is reacting in the face of the environmental crisis.

The gravity of the situation can overwhelm, because we realize the difficulties that the present and the future hold, but that does not mean that commitment must be less.

Although individual citizens cannot take total responsibility for measures that protect the environment, the emergence of more and more start-ups and local entities trying to contribute is commendable.

What is meant by sustainable development?

The course of action to be followed should favor a combination of economic, social and environmental changes that can interrupt the mechanism of resource exploitation-human and natural-that is currently in place.

Different use of raw materials, reduction of pollution, an economy that values the land, and collective awareness of environmental issues are all elements that promote awareness and values in the population to preserve the society of tomorrow.


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