Science and the environment

Between technology and research

The importance of research

Scientific research is a key ally in the fight for the environment. Indeed, as important as changing one’s daily habits and trusting in the ecological transition are, the support of research can speed up certain processes aimed at a more sustainable world and provide greater awareness of the current situation.

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What is ecology?

The quintessential science that studies the environment is ecology. This term refers to the discipline that analyzes the relationship between living things and the habitat in which they live; more specifically, it studies ecosystems, that is, the system composed of organisms and their environment. Ecology is so important because it provides rigorous information about the relationships between living things and allows for more informed intervention in biosystems.

Technological innovations

Another pivotal element in the relationship between science and the environment is technology, one of the few tools humans have at their disposal to reverse the course of the environmental crisis. As much as it would undoubtedly be better to be able to decrease pressure on the environment passively-without further intervention-technological innovations can have a positive impact on sustainable development.