Aguaduna: a city for the future

A new lifestyle

What is Aguaduna

Green, smart and sustainable: Aguaduna is a new city project that propose us an authentic revolution for our way of life. Her realization began in 2021 in Entre Rios city, on the northern coast of Brazil.

About this work stands out the majority of green field instead of the edification: there are more of 1000 hectares, only the 14% are buildable, whereas the remaining 86% will be subdivided in protected areas (for example natural lagoon), dune, and green areas such as parks.

The main challenge of this new city model is the intention to re-establish a balance between society and nature, between person and environment: “go over modernity” and overtake the clear contrast between mankind and nature, for the purposes of chose a great future for our planet.

Aguaduna is an idea by some spanish and brazilian partners, which define themselves first as “doers” and then as “dreamers”. This city rises on a mix of innovation, sustainability and social wellness improvement.

Her residential program will consist of both housing and tourist hub. The city map that will be realized divides the municipality into different areas, among which stand out the laboratories for infrastructures, technological innovations, an area reserved for children, for culture, but also for well-being and food.

In this city of the future, the capability of developing new cutting-edge technologies such as smart homes and catering services are favored skills that highlight the local culinary specialties.

Aguaduna’s goal

The main Aguaduna’s objectives are three: the improvement of the local quality of life, both in relation to the natural environment and tourism, that is rethought in an ecological version; the spread of green thinking and action, through a transformation of mobility and food production; finally, technological innovation capable of facilitating life; it means the creation of a real smart city able to combine personal well-being with environmental sustainability.

But how?

New job opportunities for the population by understanding, preserving, and enriching the local community. The lifestyle reform starts from the peculiarities of the place, in fact the main innovations intend to use national raw materials, in order to support rural economic development through regional and local farms, of family entrepreneurship.In addition, Aguaduna's digitalized supply chain will follow and support the transparency and traceability of its food system as never before, a circular system of food production will be adopted, capable of facilitating the zero waste goal, and the total elimination of plastic from packaging is aimed.

It must be clear that one of the Aguaduna’s characteristic features is the use of Big Data to facilitate everyday life: the implementation of artificial intelligence services and technological efficiency are objectives on the agenda in order to improve the sustainability of life, also through centralized solar energy platforms and hybrid renewable energy, or through biomass systems, passive heating and / or cooling.

In addition, particular attention is paid to the waste of water with the reuse of greywater and the collection of rainwater. At this point, sustainable ways to reduce air pollution cannot be lacking: to move around it’s planned the improvement of car sharing and sharing mobility in general, as well as the updating of smart infrastructures for charging electric vehicles, more cycle and slow- transport paths, and of course pedestrian areas.Certainly in a future city that wants to stand out for its sustainability, it would also be necessary to focus on social equality, which Aguaduna would aim to achieve through professional training programs, public services for neighbouring communities and thanks to the increase in the marketability of local products. Will it be enough?

The expansion of the project

Aguaduna's secret is that it is a replicable city model: this is only the first of five sustainable communities designed by the Spanish entrepreneurial company Narigas with its supporters and developed by Seed Global Advisoring. We could ask ourselves how much can be dystopian the idea of a replicable city, with the same structure in different areas of the globe, until to imagining a world completely identical and uniform itself even in its urbanization.

For now, let's focus on the purpose of this ambitious project, that is to spread the circular and green economy and to inspire other cities in the world, in order to open up to a sustainable lifestyle for the environment and citizens. Aguaduna is the beginning of an integrative and autonomous city model, which allows an environmental and cultural awareness through innovation and technology.

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