The valorization of resources

What are the sources of energy?

Energy moves the contemporary world. The sources from which it can be derived are mainly wood, oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear combustion, and, finally, from hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, and ocean facilities. Over the centuries, the ways in which energy is produced have changed dramatically, and only in recent times have procedures for extracting energy been sought that would affect the environment as little as possible, taking advantage of the natural elements already present.

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What are the most polluting energy sources?

With the exception of wood and water, historically, the earliest sources of energy discovered and those that are still used in large quantities today are derivatives of organic plant and animal remains. They are called “fossil fuels” and are mainly coal, gas and oil. Unfortunately, these same sources of energy, in addition to being destined to run out, are also the most polluting.

Renewable sources

The “cleanest” type of energy, on the other hand, is that which uses renewable resources, such as the sun, wind, flowing water and heat from underground. Technological innovations have greatly helped to optimize the resources already present, having the effect of lowering Co2 emissions and reducing the impact on the environment.


Eolic in Italy
The wind tree