Skin-care routine or stress-care routine?

How not to become a slave to cosmetics

Let’s make it simpler…

“Wash your face” is a controversial topic in 2021. Facial cleansing and body care, in general, have become topics that interest everyone, from the younger to the older.

Even a daily and trivial action such as washing your face have become subject to many opinions: which is the correct way to remove make-up; the stages of this process; rinsing with water or using a microfiber cloth. In this article, we warn you that we do not want to recommend any new toner to add to the messy top of your sink, but simply recommend some natural ingredients to take care of yourself.

We are convinced that it is not by exceeding in the complexity of one's routine that the best results are obtained. We believe that this huge amount of products and information concerning cosmetics could become confusing and make us victims of marketing dynamics instead of making us more conscious of the environment and caring about the health of our body.

The goal of these new habits should be to fix some imperfections and make us as serene as possible. We think that this goal is achieved when our beauty case weighs less than an average suitcase.

For pimples: tea tree oil

Each of us has probably heard of it at least once because this oil seems to be a panacea for various skin issues. Tea tree oil - better known as Tea Tree Oil - is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant belonging to the Myrtaceae family. This oil is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend using this oil to help heal pimples on the face. A drop in your daily moisturizer, spread on the area of ​​interest, will help you dry out the pimples and not spread the bacteria furthermore.

For a smoother and firmer skin: scrub with coffee grounds

This remedy is also quite well known, although we propose you a more ecological variant. To prepare this scrub we recommend using the coffee grounds, after using the moka pot. This way, we are able to reuse something that otherwise would be thrown away and, at the same time, we can create a scrub for the legs. You can mix coconut or almond oil and coffee in a bowl, and then massage it from bottom to the top of your body, with circular movements. Once rinsed, the effect is firming and smoothing.

For fragrant and smooth hands: lemon and sugar

Before throwing away half of a squeezed lemon, we can use it for a natural cuddle for our hands. Just cut the already emptied lemon in half, put some sugar inside the pulp and massage your hands with this side. Then you should wash them with warm water and they will be exfoliated and pleasantly scented.

For cuticles: castor oil

To treat our hands we also recommend applying castor oil by massaging the cuticles. This helps to make nails and cuticles shiny and resistant.

… And less dramatic

We wanted to briefly and friendlily recommend some natural remedies that we have tried and found useful (but we are not professionals and we do not have scientific evidence. However, the aim of this article is to invite you to reflect on the fact that this extreme complication in taking care often become stressful and excessive.

Using many different products increases the chances to waste them and to order them from far away, in the illusion of doing the best for our body. We discussed about the impact of cosmetic industry on the planet here ‘’Beauty wears green’. With this short article we want you to notice that wasting a lot of time to find the perfect makeup remover can become laborious, making tiring and intricate a lifestyle that would be otherwise simpler and more natural.

Taking care of your person actively and play down the marketing dynamics behind the cosmetics brands can be a way to face the very complicated issue of ‘’washing your face’’ without became obsessed with every new toner on the market. In the end: how did our grandmothers survive without biphasic make-up remover and astringent toner?

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