Everyday activities

Small habits for sustainability

Everyday choices

One of the toughest sustainability challenges is the one we face every day. It is in the everyday choices we make every time we go grocery shopping, every time we throw away a garbage bag, every time we choose how to get from one place to another. To try to stem the effects of climate change, the contribution of each of us is essential, without being, at the same time, crushed by the responsibility of the future.

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Everyone’s responsibility

Climate change is an issue that affects everyone and must be addressed seriously on different levels. The citizen alone cannot take responsibility for the consequences of the environmental crisis and its solutions. It is the state, collaborating with other countries, that must take on the lion’s share of the interventions, incentivizing sustainable practices, limiting polluting procedures, etc. The individual cannot take the whole burden of issues that are bigger than each of us.

What are sustainable activities?

At the same time, however, it is possible for each person to cooperate according to his or her possibilities, for example, by assuming habits that have an ecological attitude. These are the sustainable daily activities, ranging from reducing waste of water, food, and energy, to using nonpolluting means of transportation; from reusing clothes, water bottles, and shopping bags, to properly recycling waste.


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