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What is art?

Art is one of the expressions of the human being par excellence. While it is problematic to be able to define it uniquely, everyone agrees in describing it as a product of man that can give insight into an era. This is also true of the contemporary and the way man looks at himself.

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Environmentally conscious artists

Increasingly, the issues addressed by artists highlight the urgency of taking action on behalf of the environment: one of the most striking examples is Olafur Eliasson’s Ice Watch, a giant clock whose hours are marked by immense blocks of melting ice. Eliasson, like so many other artists, decided to identify one of the urgencies of his own time and show it to everyone.

In contradiction

On the other hand, the art market is not renowned for caring about the environment, and exhibition and production choices often go in the opposite direction. Evidence of this is the practice of some waste-producing art techniques and the use of some toxic materials. Similarly, large international art fairs and exhibitions tend not to follow regimes dedicated to sustainability.


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