Architecture and design

Sustainable from conception to production

Architecture and design plan and organize the space in which we live. While the former deals with real estate in a broader sense, the latter manages objects of use, harmonizing their function with aesthetics. Sustainability depends mainly on the materials used, the construction techniques employed-both building and industrial-and energy performance.

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What is Bioarchitecture?

A need to pay more attention to the environment has begun to be felt in the building industry. The discipline of Bioarchitecture was born, which is the design and construction of buildings using more non-polluting materials taken directly from the ground. It is therefore to recyclability and land use, and to reduce displacement, it chooses raw materials as close to the construction site as possible.

Similarly, the structure of the building itself also reconciles environmental and energy sustainability, for example through the introduction of roof gardens, solar panels and thermal protection.

What is Ecodesign?

Ecodesign also follows the principles of sustainable development by selecting reusable, non-toxic and recyclable materials that can result in a product that will last without burdening the environment. The focus on sustainability is not only limited to the creation of the object itself, but covers the process of conception, actual production, sale on the market, and disposal at the end of use.


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