Conservation and breeding

A balancing act

Animals are a fundamental slice of living things, but the survival of some of them and their biodiversity have been severely threatened by recent climate change. There is a need to try to maintain a balance that can reconcile human practices with the natural course of animal life.

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Animal protection

One of the key aspects is animal protection: this is referring to all those activities that over the centuries have led some species to extinction or drastically changed some natural habitats. For example, intensively practiced hunting and fishing break the reproductive cycle of some animals, causing more deaths than births. Conversely, practices such as logging, or excessive pollution, transform the environment to the point of making it uninhabitable for some species.

Do we need to change our diet?

Another major issue is that of breeding, and it is closely related to the kind of lifestyle we choose to adopt. A diet that relies predominantly on meat consumption, for example, encourages intensive livestock farming, and this has consequences both on the conditions in which animals are kept – therefore on their well-being – and on the increase in Co2 emissions into the atmosphere, which are already so difficult to curb.

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